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Pediatric Chiropractic in Montclair

Dr. Scott with kidsWe’re here to support your family’s healthiest and best life. From children looking to maintain a healthy nervous system to children on the autism spectrum, we welcome every child to our friendly, nurturing environment.

With open-adjusting times, there’s no stress if you’re running behind schedule. We’ll ensure you are still seen with the shortest wait time possible.

Kids Will Be Kids!

Some kids enjoying playing with our Avengers toys and Alpha Dolls, while others like having their picture taken and exploring our office. We know that kids will be kids and we’ll do all that we can to make care as convenient as possible.

We’ll work with parents like you to you learn more about your child, what they enjoy, what calms, excites and motivates them. Then, we’ll use that information to tailor adjustments to make your child’s experience here at True North Chiropractic both productive and effective.

Your Child’s Care Experience

Did you know that from age zero to seven, you have more neurological connections develop per minute than adults have per day? With so much development going on, it’s crucial that your child’s body can function properly without any nerve interference so they can develop and heal properly.

In general, we’ll use our instrument adjuster as most kids tend to prefer this type of adjustment. This adjustment technique creates a worry-free experience as your child learns the importance of good health from a young age.

Chiropractic and Sensory Disorders

One in 50 children is on the autism and ADD spectrum. We can help you determine your child’s health if they are on the spectrum and can offer specialized care. Many parents are surprised at how well their child can calm down and lie down for an adjustment. It just takes time, and we’re here for that reason.

Sensory disorders are a neurological issue not a pharmaceutical issue. We take our time to listen to you, understand your child’s health history and link their health history to neurology to better understand their health. We’ll explain how we’ll help calm the brain so that over time we can help them improve their impulse control.

Parents appreciate that we understand what they’re going through and measure results through neurology. We’ll set goals and focus on helping your child meet those goals.

To learn more about us and how chiropractic care can make a difference in your and your child’s life, contact our office today!

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