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Services at True North Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care

We understand the importance that your nervous system plays in your health. Through chiropractic care, we’ll help you function properly so you can make exceptional wellness your norm. Specializing in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care, we also welcome those with sensory disorders to discover care in our welcoming environment. We offer a variety of techniques:

Insight Millennium COREScore System

This technology measures your neurological function to establish a baseline on your first visit that provides us with a core score. This core score is a measure of your neurological functioning so we can track your progress and help you reach your goals. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and be able to move onto wellness care to help you always feel this great.

Choosing Your Level of Care

We’ll make our recommendations for your health and let you choose the care that is best for you. We’re here to welcome you and your family by offering the care you need when you need it most.

To learn more about us and meet Dr. Scott, contact our office today!

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