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Dr. Anna Amare

Why Wasn’t Natural Healing More Common?

Dr. Anna AmareWhen Dr. Anna was growing up in western Tennessee, she didn’t have much knowledge about chiropractic care, but what she did have was a front-row seat to the struggles of loved ones battling addiction and a reliance on medication. She remembers, as a teen, questioning why people had to be so dependent on medications, and why natural healing wasn’t more common. The scene was set early on; she knew she had a role to play in changing this narrative.

Fast forward to her college years, life certainly threw its challenges at her. She began to see health issues creeping up as anxiety made its way into her life. She was in a constant state of fight-or-filght, and every day was an uphill battle. She experienced irregular heartbeats, night tremors, and even panic attacks. Her mind was always racing and fear was beginning to take over. She stumbled upon the world of chiropractic care. Initially skeptical, she soon realized it wasn’t just about back adjustments, but about addressing the nervous system as a whole. This holistic approach breathed a sense of calm into her life that medications never could. After receiving consistent neurological-based chiropractic care, and many prayers later, her anxiety slowly began subsiding and her associated symptoms disappeared.

Embarking on a Mission

Upon graduating from undergrad, it became clear that the Lord had led her down this path for a reason. She decided to attend Life University to become a chiropractor and embarked on a mission to learn, but most importantly to share this gift with others. She felt compelled to serve and to show others that, with faith and a properly regulated nervous system, there is hope for healing. One of her biggest regrets is not finding chiropractic care sooner, which is why she is so passionate about introducing families, pregnant mamas, and the pediatric population to what neurological-based chiropractic care can truly do.

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