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Dr. Jesse Ventoso

Health Never Came Easy

Dr. Jesse VentosoDr. Jesse was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Health never came easy to him. His passion for The Perfect Storm workshop and taking care of children stems from his own real-life example. Dr. Jesse was that picky eating, over-stimulated, burnt-out child who knew nothing but go, go, go. He was constantly sick and ultimately, his family would never figure out what was going on. They never received answers.

Dr. Jesse excelled in school despite his sensory struggles. In college he interned at a chiropractic office shortly before graduating, and saw firsthand how chiropractic care was changing people’s lives. It was a light bulb moment! Dr. Jesse knew that chiropractic care was the missing link to living life at full potential.

Passion For Changing Lives

Upon graduation from undergrad, Dr. Jesse pursued chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA. It was here that he found his passion for changing the lives of kids and families. He sought out the mentorship of doctors at the largest pediatric practice in the country. Being able to help tomorrow’s future get started on the right foot is what lights Dr. Jesse’s heart on fire! It gives them the opportunities in all the areas that he struggled with!

Dr. Jesse is excited to bring his expertise to Northern Virginia, and help change the trajectory of families under his care! Contact us today to see how chiropractic care may help.

Dr. Jesse Ventoso | (703) 580-8388